Erbelia Beauty Care

Terms and conditions

Erbelia Beauty Care webshop is for beauty salon professionals and eyelash-/eyebrow- stylists (and students) in particular.

I.E. we sell Business-to-Business but not to consumers.

The products we sell are intended for professional users who knows what they are doing. This applies particularly products like adhesives, removers, tweezers and various tools. By using our products you accept full responsibility for your usage and any consequences thereof.

Defective goods / returns. If you believe that you have received faulty or damaged goods from us then please notify us within 10 days after goods received. If we have not received any complaints within 10 days we will take it as a confirmation that we have fulfilled the order correctly and goods is ok. Do not return any products without first having obtained a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) per email. We should not be held responsible for any returns or associated costs made without a RMA. Normally the return transport cost is paid by the buyer.

Erbelia Beauty Care reserves the right to adjust prices without previous notice.

Order processing time. We process and dispatch all orders ASAP. Our goal is to fulfill all orders within four workdays and 80% of the orders within two workdays.

If you order from a country outside of EU it is considered as export and there will be no sales tax charge.
Any eventual import taxes, duty and clearance costs added by the importers national customs would be paid by the buyer.

In the event of erroneous pricing or information in our web shop; Our webshop is based on WordPress and WooCommerce, known to be well tested and robust. Despite that, due to technical complexity and/or human factor errors may arise that results in incorrect pricing, VAT and transport charges. We reserve the right to cancel / reverse any transactions which may involve such errors.