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Tweezer Volume Special, 12cm, Titanium PRO

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This super lightweight tweezer (only 10 gram) is made of titanium alloy and the shape is a special design for volume lash extension work.

Titanium tweezers are very strong, yet so light that you might experience a strange but pleasant feeling of not having a tweezer in your hand.

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We are proud to present our titanium alloy professional tweezers. Titanium, recognized for it´s outstanding tensile strength to mass ratio and being extremely resistant to corrosion is widely used in the aerospace and medical industries.

Titanium tweezers weigh at least 40% less than steel tweezers and need slightly less force when using. Thus they are the superior alternative from an ergonomic point of view. Erbelia´s Titanium Professional tweezers comes with a black(-isch) plasma surface treatment that looks cool and reduces reflections from the work lighting.

Production cost for titanium tweezers is roughly three times the one of stainless steel but because we buy quantities directly from the manufacturing plant we can offer these quality tools at a price that beats many inox steel tweezers.

Additional information

Weight 13 g
Dimensions 17 × 3 × 0.5 cm